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Who are we?

Perfect Measure doesn’t only stand for high quality service in fulfilling your needs; we also like to think with you and help your ideas improve in order to find the best solution in each individual situation. This keeps our job both interesting and challenging. Each and every customer is unique to us. Besides individual projects, Perfect Measure has offered a total package for both individuals and entrepreneurs since its founding. No matter if you’re just beginning with your own clothing line or looking for a few thousand pieces of custom workwear, Perfect Measure will help you out.

Approachability is important to our company. We like to keep the communication line short and offer a transparent service to every customer. Knowledge about making or investing in expensive designs isn’t required on your behalf. At Perfect Measure we only need a sketch or a prototype. This is how we can offer you a decent service, without unnecessary extras.

One of our services is to guide start-ups who are trying to create their own brand. It’s hard to launch a brand, particularly for this group. Because of this, we offer solutions to them like making samples. Start-ups can produce upward of a minimum of only 20 pieces and quickly put their brand on track.

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Through the years, we’ve built a certain expertise on producing clothes. We have many business relationships home and abroad. This doesn’t only give us the ability to provide customers with high quality products, we can also offer our customers a wide range of different products.

Fashion Design

If you have a sketch for your own piece of clothing but you’re still searching for a designer who can convert the sketch to a technical design, our Perfect Match fashion designers will gladly help you to get going. In this digital drawing of your sketch we will discuss the desired specifications to make sure that we can perfectly fulfil your wishes.

Graohic Design

As a company or as an individual, you’re looking for an identity that stands out in society. To help you create this identity, Perfect Measure will design logos, business cards and flyers. We don’t only fulfil your wishes, we will also think along for possible improvements.


If you’re planning on offering your clothing online in order to reach a bigger group of potential customers, Perfect Measure will help you build a decent webshop, completely adapted to your wishes and created in the most recent webdesign environment. Because of this, you’ll have a safe, fast and effective webshop for all your products.


Marketing is essential when you have either a webshop or an actual store. Fortunately, in these days, there are many possibilities to put your webshop higher in Google’s search results, you can reach a big target group using social media et cetera. Perfect Measure will create an effective and purposeful plan together with you for the marketing of your products.


When you begin selling your products, you want to send the customers a package as professional as possible. Merchandising, and especially on your labels, wrapping paper and boxes is very important. Perfect Measure can help you to produce the looks and shapes of these things. In this way, the customer is not just happy with the product, he’s happy with the package too.

The way we operate:

1. Briefing

In our opinion, personal contact is essential to be able to carry out an assignment as good as possible. That’s why an assignment starts with a meeting or a call, in which you tell us about your wishes and demands. In this conversation, we also like to show you the options you have when choosing one of our fabric types. In this way, you have a clear image of the possibilities at Perfect Measure.

Because of the experience we gained during the last few years, we can offer you much useful information on using different kinds of fabric. This is to make sure that the execution of your assignment gives the desired result.

2. Design

After the briefing we will start working for you! Our designers will create a complete concept from your idea and then convert this idea into a visualized design. This gives you a first impression of your own idea and offers you the possibility to comment and tell us what we should change.

When the design is what you want it to be like, we will start making a style sheet with the explanation of the details of your design. The first sample of your product will be made based on this style sheet! This is an exciting moment because it’s the first time you can see and touch your idea. If you don’t have any remarks on this sample, we will start the actual production of your idea.

3. Production

Directly after your approval of the sample, the production will be planned. The production takes about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the amount that must be produced. During the production process we’ll regularly send you updates to keep you informed.

After a strict quality check on the clothes, we will personally deliver it to you. If you please, we can fold the clothing and put it into plastic, free of charge. From our point of view, it’s an extra service that you can expect from a specialized company like Perfect Measure.

Your clothing is ready for usage!

More information?

Feel free to ask for a quote or just contact us.

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This is just a small sample of what we have done in the latests months. But we have more to show, and if you are interested feel free to .contact us.


We also offer work wear!

If you’re looking for a clothing producer with the necessary expertise for producing your work wear, Perfect Measure will find you a suitable partner. With our years of experience in producing several types of clothing we can offer you a total package for your company. Of course we also offer separate parts.

Personal contact and high quality products are very important to our company. No matter if you’re looking for 20 or a few thousand pieces of work wear, Perfect Measure will gladly help you.

Our co-workers will be ready to tell you about the possibilities of the production of the work wear for your company. No nonsense, we offer a simple and transparent service to all our customers.


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More information? Feel free to ask for a quote or just contact us.